Sacramento County Probation Association


Loan Information

All permanent full share SCPA members are eligible to participate in the SCPA loan program.  

We currently have two programs we have the Standard Loan program that currently has a cap of $1000.00. Each $1000.00 loan has a $60 fee deducted, the member gets a check for $940.00 and pays back the full $1000 over the next 10 pay periods. There are no restrictions to this loan. You can download and complete the application. Each application needs a voided check to complete the application. 

The second loan program we have is our Emergency Loan program. This program is designed to help our members when they are in the greatest need (ie, death of a family member). There are parameters on the Emergency Loan for more information on the parameters you need to contract Union Officer 916-368-1485. The currently cap is $3500.00 there is a 6% fee that is deduced from the loan and it is paid back at a $100 per pay period over the next 35 pay periods. 

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