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What is the Randy Yamada Foundation

Since 2010, the job of probation officers has drastically changed in California. Todays probation officers are faced with greater risk as they supervisor more sophisticated and violent offenders than ever before, due to realignment. Realignment has also caused juvenile detention officers to be faced with a more sophisticated  and violent juvenile offender.

In 2012,  SCPA Executive Officers Tim Sowards and Greg Stuber approached the Sacramento County Probation Association Board of Directors with the ideal of creating a benevolent fund for Sacramento County Probation Officers, with the goal of extending the fund over time to probation officers statewide. With their underling philosophy of training and officer safety there was no better person who embodied that philosophy than Randy Yamada.  The SCPA Board unanimously agreed and supported the creation of the Randy Yamada Foundation. 

The Randy Yamada Foundation (RYF) was created July 2013 as a Charitable Orgainzation under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

The primary purpose of the Foundation shall be to maintain a benevolent fund to provide financial assistance to the spouses, families, and co-workers of fallen men and women who were employed as sworn peace officers by the Sacramento County Probation Department.
The secondary purposes of the Foundation shall be to maintain a benevolent fund to provide financial assistance (a) to any sworn peace officer who suffers the loss of a spouse or child while employed by the Sacramento County Probation Department; and (b) to the survivors of any sworn peace officer killed in the line of duty, under the conditions identified in the Standing Rules adopted by the Foundation Board of Directors. 

The third and final purpose of the Foundation  shall be to provide educational support to family members of Sacramento County Probation Association (SCPA) members through scholarships and grants for educational purposes, including but not limited to, Community College and University attendance, housing, books and supplies; to give donations to local charitable and education youth groups; to provide scholarships to the community.


Randy Yamada Foundation Federal Tax ID #46-3203598.

Who is Randy Yamada 

Randy Yamada (May 18, 1952-May 8, 2008) was a career probation officer with over 30 years of experience between Sacramento and Santa Clara County Probation Departments. Much of Randy’s career focused on officer safety and training. Randy was a Use of Force instructor teaching: Firearms, Impact Weapons, Chemical Agents, Defensive Tactics; as well as, being an expert witness on use of force cases. Randy has taught and influenced thousands of law enforcement personnel around the State. Randy’s number one priority was to ensure that each officer safely returned home to their loved ones. This philosophy is what drove his passion and advocacy of officer safety through his countless instruction of law enforcement officers.

Randy at the firearms range with fellow instructors.