Sacramento Country Probation Association



Legal Coverage – Administrative/Civil/Criminal Immediate Response to Critical Incidents
Discipline Arbitration 24/7 Access to Full Release President
Discipline Rebuttals/Appeals/Adjudications Assistance with Hiring/Promotional Process
Grievances Voting Rights – MOU/Board Positions
PERB Complaints Group Coverage LTD through SCPA
Performance Evaluations RYF Benefits/Scholarship
Legal Advice EEO/ADA/Civil Service SCPA Office Access
Lawsuit Consideration FMLA SCPA Emergency Loan
Discounted Referral Workers Comp. Attorney SCPA Membership Swag
Referrals for Services SCPA Member Discounts
FOP Lodge 19 Membership/Benefits SCPA Events
Management Meetings for Issue Resolutions SCPA Benefit Books
SCOPO Benefits/Scholarship SCPA General Membership Meetings
 Benefits Communication Network