Sacramento Country Probation Association

History of the SCPA


The Sacramento County Probation Association was incorporated on January 24, 1973.  The primary purpose of the Association is to secure and advance officer safety, promote harmonious employee relations between Sacramento county and S.C.P.A., establishment of an equitable and peaceful procedure for the resolution of differences, the establishment of salaries, working conditions, and any other conditions of employment, and the establishment, where appropriate, of legislative and political programs, consistent with the mission of the Sacramento County Probation Association.

An equal purpose is to seek and foster improved services to the community for the public safety and to encourage the professional growth of Association members through education, training, research and development of programs directed toward the suppression of crime and the rehabilitation of offenders.


Greg Stuber 2009 – Current

Bill Harper 1999 – 2009

Michale Fanucchi 1999 – 1999

Al Mateer 1998 – 1999

Arlyn Webster 1977 – 1997

Joe Del Marmol 1973 – 1977


In June 3, 2009 SCPA was successfully able to pass binding arbitration Measure A with 101,421 yes votes, and 87,435 no votes.

Sections 91 through 95 of the Sacramento County Charter are amended to extend binding arbitration to resolve labor disputes with the County of the Sacramento to include County Employees represented by the Probation Non-Supervisory Unit and the Law Enforcement Management Unit.

Certificate of Facts Measure A May 19 2009