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The Sacramento County probation Association has a tradition of supporting its members in their various athletic endeavors.  That tradition continues in the dues re-imbursement program for approved law enforcement sponsored, or law enforcement benefit events.  For a member to receive a dues re-imbursement, they must fill out the attached Dues Re-imbursement Request Form.  The member will then submit the form with a receipt of registration for the event the member is participating in.  For quicker response, the member can send the form and receipt/proof of registration to one of the SCPA Athletic Committee Members.

            To receive the dues re-imbursement the member must be an active full share member of the Association, and wear a SCPA shirt.  The maximum amount the Association will reimburse is $50.00 for individual events, and $400 for team events if the team is comprised of Association members.  There is a maximum of 3 request/member/fiscal year.  The shirt will be provided by the Association for a one time fee to be determined by the shirt requested by the member.  The member will have the option of requesting a shirt/garment with either a heat transfer or a stitched logo.  For example: if a member requests a dry fit tee-shirt with a heat transfer logo, the price will be $15.00, and the re-imbursement amount to the member will be $35.00.  If the member requests the stitched logo on the same dry fit tee-shirt, the cost will be $20.00, and the re-imbursement will be $30.00.  Any type of garment can be ordered through the Association, and the cost will be determined by the supplier.  Please submit the request in a timely fashion, as it will take approximately 2 weeks to receive the shirts from the manufacturer.  Please keep in mind, a limited amount of money has been budgeted for this program.  The funds are available on a first come, first served basis.  When the money in the Athletic Fund runs out, it is gone, and there are no plans to replenish the funds at this time.

Thank You,

Nicole De La Riva

SCPA Athletic Committee

Athletic Reimbursement